MassMutual Foundation's Catchafire Program

Volunteer your skills to strengthen nonprofits


Give Your Skills For Good

Your skills are valuable. Unfortunately, many nonprofit organizations can't pay for professional services such as copywriting, graphic design, project management, or website, budget and database development. This type of work is essential to building operational effectiveness, but it is often left on the to-do list while the nonprofit focuses on its critical mission work.

That's where you come in. By volunteering for a project, or even just getting on a phone call to provide advice, you are giving so much more than your time. You are supporting organizational growth, which enables nonprofits to have an even greater social good impact.

Zabika matched with Kat from Ministry with Community for a Translation project!

Gilberto matched with Mildred from Seeds of Morning Glory, Inc. for a Finance consultation call!

Ashley matched with Trinia from Connecting the Gap Empowerment Group for a Flexible Web Development Support project!

Shanita from Yes, M.I.S.S. Inc. listed a Time Management Coaching project.

Shanita from Yes, M.I.S.S. Inc. listed an Individual Donor Letter project.

David from Humanitarian Outreach for Migrant Emotional Health (H.O.M.E.) listed an Elevator Pitch Coaching project.

David from Humanitarian Outreach for Migrant Emotional Health (H.O.M.E.) listed a Brand Messaging consultation call.

Hampton Roads 200 Plus Men received an application from Shadha for a Communications consultation call.

Kenwood Oakland Community Org received an application from David for a Logo Design & Visual Brand Identity project.

UR Community Cares received an application from Priscilla for a Flexible Data Support project.

Strange Incorporated received an application from Pragya for a Brochure Graphic Design project.

Fly By Nature Foundation received an application from Majid for a Google Ads Set Up project.

National Conference for Community and Justice received an application from Sreedevi for a Salesforce Report Creation project.

Purpose Point received an application from CHIMUANYA for a Website Audit project.

Empower received an application from David for a Flexible Graphic Design Support project.

Grounded Strategies received an application from Jitendra for a Website Management Training (CMS-Based) project.

Legal Aid Justice Center received an application from sanasarwar for a Translation project.

WeINSPIRE Movement received an application from Basit for a Market Analysis project.

OASIS Companies International received an application from Franklin for a Copywriting project.

Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development received an application from Fernanda for a Data Collection Plan project.

Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc. received an application from Rafael for a Website Major Update project.

Karma Rescue received an application from kim for a Video Editing project.

Institute Of Urban Living Inc. received an application from Anmol for a Data Collection Plan project.

Foreverfamily received an application from Dr Christopher for a Management Skills Coaching project.

Healing in America received an application from Francois for a Social Media Content Calendar project.

OKB Hope Foundation received an application from Diego Bittencourt for a Website Major Update project.

Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless received an application from Majid for a Google Ads Set Up project.

Karma Rescue received an application from Jatin for a Video Editing project.

Alliance for Historic Wyoming received an application from Basit for a Google Analytics Reporting project.

La Semilla Food Center received an application from Thanh for a Tech Systems Review project.

Kenwood Oakland Community Org received an application from Moiz for a Facebook Ads Set Up project.

Adelaide Holocaust Museum received an application from Ian for a Brochure Graphic Design project.

Turtle Island Restoration Network received an application from Katja for a Flyer Graphic Design project.

UR Community Cares received an application from Basit for a Flexible Data Support project.

Global Choices received an application from Toyta for an Illustration project.

Franconia Sculpture Park received an application from Dipak for a Membership Strategy project.

Strong Family Farm received an application from Toyta for a Brochure Graphic Design project.

Shanita from Yes, M.I.S.S. Inc. listed an Organizational Strategy consultation call.

Nilesh matched with Brandie from NOPI - Nonprofit Incubator for a Social Media Content Calendar project!

Sebi from UJEB listed a Project Management Plan project.

Stevie matched with Inke from Third parent family and youth services for a Program Strategy & Goals project!

Yolanda from Love, Hope & Healing listed a Public Speaking Coach project.

Kelli from Limitless Ambition listed a Website Audit project.

Victoria matched with Juanita from AppleTree ELPCS for a Translation project!

Dominic matched with Raphaelle from Heidi Duckler Dance for a Tech Systems Review project!

Meredith matched with Andrea from California FarmLink for a Management Skills Coaching project!

Serena from Hellman Foundation listed a Marketing Materials consultation call.

Carl from Colorado Resilience - rebrand listed a Customer Database (CRM) Audit project.

David matched with Kat from Live It Learn It for a Google Analytics Set Up & Training project!

Basmah matched with Juanita from AppleTree ELPCS for a Translation project!

How It Works

Support a cause you care about by volunteering for a project or consultation call. With over 150 different project types, there is an opportunity to give back that matches your skills and time availability.
1. Browse
Explore projects and questions posted by nonprofits based on your skills and causes you are passionate about.
2. Apply
Submit your application and resume to let the nonprofit know you are interested.
3. Match
When you and the organization decide it's a good fit, start working together!
Two ways to share your skills!
Consultation Calls
Get on the phone with a nonprofit to help answer burning questions, brainstorm organizational challenges, or give feedback.
Work with a nonprofit to complete critical projects such as graphic design, website development, copywriting, database customization, and more.

How Do You Want to Give Back?

Find projects that match your skills and interest areas

What Other Volunteers are Saying

“We, at Harborlight Community Partners, are incredibly impressed by the work done by Jason. This is our first completed Catchafire project and the quality of work was professional, prompt, and exactly what we needed. We are so grateful!”
Deanna Community Relations & HR Coordinator, Harborlight Community Partners
“Catchafire has been amazing. I’ve posted things on different volunteer boards in the past and it hasn’t worked. But here we have worked with such high caliber people who are giving some great insights & strategic help.”
Alison Inclusive Futures, Young Global Leaders

Catchafire is an online platform for virtual, skills-based volunteering. Through Catchafire, professionals are able to directly support causes they care about by helping nonprofits with projects that match their skill sets. And because projects can be completed from anywhere, Catchafire makes it possible for nonprofits and skilled volunteers to connect for good, from all around the world!

Skills-based volunteering is a high impact form of volunteering that allows individuals to donate their professional skills and expertise, which in turn allows a nonprofit to build its capacity and focus more efficiently on its mission.

Skilled volunteers help nonprofits fill critical knowledge and staffing gaps, they work as thought partners on strategic projects, and they complete specific projects that require specialized skills, training, or experience. Very often, the relationships between volunteers and nonprofits extend far beyond the scope of the initial project that brought them together.

A specific example of skills-based volunteering is a marketing professional who volunteers to help a nonprofit create a marketing strategy.

We are partnering with Catchafire to provide our talented employees with the opportunity to directly support nonprofit organizations through volunteering their professional skills and experience. We believe that skills-based volunteering is a high impact way for professionals to give back to their communities and have a positive social impact for the causes they are passionate about.

The nonprofit will review your application to decide whether they want to move forward with an interview. If so, you will be contacted by Catchafire to schedule the call. Nonprofits are encouraged to decide promptly, but there is no set timeline for when they will reply.

After the interview, you can log into your account dashboard and ACCEPT or PASS on the match. Once both parties accept, you are officially matched and can begin the project. If you need to exchange any materials or have follow-up conversations to determine if it is a good fit after the interview, you are encouraged to do so.

If there are volunteer opportunities available in your region, you'll have the option to filter by location. However, since all Catchafire engagements are meant to be completed virtually, we encourage you to focus on finding projects that best fit your skills & interests, regardless of location.

Yes! All projects have been designed to allow you to work with the nonprofit organization remotely.

Projects vary in length from 1 to 50 hours, depending on the project type. Estimated hours are indicated for each project.

Yes! In fact, we recommend you apply to 2-4 projects at any given time. This will maximize your chances of matching. If you end up being selected for too many projects, you can always withdraw your application before or after you interview with the nonprofit. Once you say yes, we ask that you honor your commitment to work with the organization.

Catchafire is committed to making sure everyone who wants to volunteer their skills can do so. If you are having trouble finding a project that fits, feel free to contact Catchafire at [email protected] for help.

This is a company-sponsored volunteer activity. For that reason, if your manager approves your
participation, you do not need to use VTO for volunteer activity that takes place during non-
overtime business hours. For more information about VTO, read the policy.

Given the time commitment needed to participate in any skills-based volunteer opportunity, talk
to your manager before starting any project. Opportunities may take a few hours per week for
weeks at a time. If you intend to volunteer during business hours, have a conversation with your
manager about scheduling time in a way that allows business needs to be met.

Yes! Be sure to track your hours in the Community Impact Portal to ensure that $25 for each hour volunteered goes to the eligible nonprofit organization - up to $1,500 per employee annually.

Please note that many of the nonprofit organizations included in the Catchafire platform are international organizations. Currently, international nonprofit organizations (i.e., those domiciled outside of the U.S.) are not eligible for the matching time program per the eligibility guidelines linked above. We hope to change this in 2022. Until then, if the nonprofit organization with which you are volunteering is not match eligible, an option is to enter hours under Catchafire Foundation, which is match eligible. To check a nonprofit’s match eligibility, visit the Community Impact Portal via the link above, click on Volunteer, then Track Volunteer Time, then enter the nonprofit’s name in the search field. For Internal Use Only In the required field “Who can verify your volunteer time?” enter “Séverine Koen.” There is no need to enter Séverine’s email address or telephone number.

We do not have a process in place for employees to recommend nonprofit organizations
currently but hope to in the future.

About this Program

The MassMutual Foundation has partnered with Catchafire in this program to connect our talented colleagues with nonprofit organizations. This resource provides nonprofits with professional support for over 120+ different types of projects in areas like marketing, web, budget and database development, operations, and strategy. It also gives our employees the opportunity to give back to the community and use their many skills for good.

The MassMutual Foundation activates connections and untapped opportunities within communities so that all families can build their financial capability and thrive. In support of this mission, the Foundation builds partnerships and collaborates with like-minded organizations and institutions that share our vision for building thriving communities. Our ability to support the development of social and financial capital based on our business expertise and resources is central to this very important work.

Have more questions? Drop us a line.

Email the Catchafire team at [email protected]